Jul 31, 2013

My boro beads in Dawanda blog!

Thank you so much, Dawanda!

World Tour – Hei, Norway and Finland!

As July comes to a close (today, in fact!) so does Nordic Month here at DaWanda – but we can’t continue our journey down to the Mediterranean without first looking at Norway  and Finland, Sweden’s neighbours to the left and the right respectively. While Norway is very much a part of Scandinavia as we know it, Finland has been heavily influenced by its Baltic neighbours and this can been seen when comparing the language to its Scandinavian sisters.
Norway – a country of Fjords and mountains, but that’s not all. This week I have two shops to show you – Dalinda offers a wide range of home textiles, particularly cushions, to brighten up your home. In Dalinda’s shop you will find a colourful array of home textiles and a huge range of patterns. One of my personal favourites is these fairytale-esque pillow covers (pictured above).
Juliyamr offers a wealth of jewellery supplies, as well as a range of finished jewellery pieces. As we have seen on our journey through Denmark and Sweden already, jewellery making is especially popular. If you are looking for Norwegian jewellery supplies then look no further – check out some of Juliyamr’s products below.
Moving across to Finland, I have some more jewellery supplies for you this week. The shop Supersuper sells charm rings and other items of jewellery. Check out some of the products below.
Even though our Nordic month is coming to an end here at DaWanda, we are of course always happy to hear about new designers and craft markets so comment below if you have any suggestions or contact us on Twitter using the hash tag #DaWandaNordics.
Join me next week when I will be leaving the north for the sunny Mediterranean.

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